12 years on (GPS) | Skillful Shepherds


12 years on (GPS) | Skillful Shepherds

I was reminded by one of the 4 guys in our Guys Prayer Support (GPS) group that we began meeting 12 years ago. Being a significant number in the Bible, e.g. 12 tribes of Israel, Jesus’ 12 disciples, it has truly been a blessing and encouragement to continue to share and journey together as the 4 of us continue in ministry, family life, and overall discipleship with the Lord. Although we only meet up occasionally now, with family and ministry constraints, challenges, I appreciate these brothers deeply, and know that anytime we are able to share and know that they are there, supporting and praying for me and us all.

We arranged to meet over Zoom, as we are currently in 3 different countries (and timezones); it was truly a blessed time hearing from and praying for one another, marveling at what God has done in and through each of our lives, ministries and families. The earliest of us began full-time ministry 19 years ago, almost 2 decades! And some of us have…

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