Does God Really Care about My Job?

Does God Really Care about My Job?

Reflecting Our God in Our Work

He does care about your job because he cares about you, and he has given you a calling of extending his kingdom, his name, and his glory into the place that you work. How do I know that? Because you and I are made in the image of God. And if you think about what that means, it doesn’t mean that we are God, but we are made to reflect him.

I think at times about what it means to be made in God’s image. You think about the little kid who’s got the toy lawn mower who is trailing after his dad on the super charged mower that’s cutting the lawn. There’s a sense in which the child with the toy mower is not doing the same job as his dad, but there’s an unmistakable reflection. You recognize that what the child is doing reflects his father.

Bryan Chapell

Author and pastor Bryan Chapell shares what the Bible teaches about work and how the gospel makes our jobs instruments of his…

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